June 18, 2008

Day four in Britain

Even though I’ve only spent a few days here in the UK, I’ve already started adjusting to the culture and the language differences. Some examples:
~I’ve been having two cups of tea a day.
~I have to remember to look right when I’m crossing the street, since the British drive on the opposite side of the road.
~I need to call the wastebasket a “bin” and the restroom a “toilet.” (Haven’t heard anyone call it a loo yet)
~Some locals have especially thick British accents and I’ve (embarrassingly enough) had to ask them to repeat themselves now and then.

These are just a few things I’m adjusting to, although it is nice to be in a country where I speak the native language! The only country that I’ve visited in Europe that speaks English is Ireland. Most of my time has been spent in France, where at least I can communicate, but I don’t like the helpless feeling I get when I’m in a country where I can’t speak the language at all.

I really love this town so far. Everything is so green and lush and there are magnificent gardens everywhere. The houses are all charming and I absolutely love, LOVE the British accent. I honestly wish I had one. I think I can imitate one decently enough, but I am NOT about to go around over here trying to pass myself off as British! They’ll see right through me!

Bournemouth has 7 miles of beautiful beaches along the sea. England voted Bournemouth their #1 resort location. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been “beach weather” as of yet, but I know that will come. There’s something about staring off into the distance over a vast stretch of water that soothes my soul. There is nothing like the smell of the sea.

On Saturday I’ll be leading my first all-day excursion. We are going to the nearby city of Bath, a gorgeous ancient city named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe and it’s one of Britain’s biggest tourist attractions. I’m a bit nervous to lead this excursion since it’s my first one! Of course I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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