This is Us

October 2014

Meet our cozy family of three. This is my husband Matt and our two year-old daughter, Makenna. 

We live in the southeastern part of Michigan outside of Detroit. We purchased our very first home in January of 2013 and moved in three weeks prior to Makenna's grand entrance to the world. After living in apartments for the first five years of our marriage, we are now immensely enjoying homeownership and having a place we can truly make our own. I've been working hard on our home decor, organization, and garden and I often share these processes here.

Makenna Rose joined our family in February 2013 and she is the light of our lives! As a toddler, she certainly keeps us on our toes but she fills each day with such immeasurable joy. Becoming a mother is by far one of the best journeys I've entered into and I love to share updates on Makenna and my own perspectives on motherhood.

Matt and I are very close with our extended families. Unfortunately we don't live near to any of them! We have family a few hours away in Michigan, lots of family in Indiana, as well as family in Oregon. It's a big deal whenever we are with our extended families and you'll also see a lot about them here. Matt and I feel abundantly blessed to families that offer so much love, support, and encouragement in our lives.

Another topic I'll often write about is faith. Matt and I have the shared experience of growing up as "pastor's kids" which has led us to become passionate followers of Christ. Our hope is to live lives that are serving and pleasing to Him.

Thank you for sharing in our life adventures!


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