Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
                                 ~Helen Keller

I've been fortunate enough to have traveled a lot in my 31 years. It's my way of seeking out adventure.

But I am not content to just drop in and visit for a few days; I would rather stay for weeks or months and truly immerse myself in that particular culture. France, England, and Hungary are countries where I have spent a significant amount of time.

Here is a guide to some of my travels, both international and domestic. I hope I can inspire you embark upon your own unforgettable travel adventures.


August 2010-March 2011 {During Matt's deployment}
I lived here for eight months while working as an intern for a church in the city of Debrecen. I also taught English conversation in a local high school.I had my own apartment during part of my stay but I also lived with a Hungarian family for a few months.

Summer 2008
I lived in Bournemouth, England for a summer while I worked as an activities coordinator and tour guide for a Foreign Language Institute. I led sightseeing tours all over southern England and I was able to experience quite a lot! I also lived with a lovely English family during this time.

Summers of 2002 & 2004
January-June 2005
{More posts about France are forthcoming. I started this blog after my stays in France, so I have to do a bit of back-tracking. Stay tuned!}
One of my two majors in college was French and I totally used that as an excuse to get to France...a lot! I spent two separate summers studying in Normandy {six weeks each time} and then I did a study abroad to Strasbourg during my last semester of college. At that time I attended the Université de Strasbourg and lived with a French family. I took advantage of being in Europe and also traveled to Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Ireland during my semester.

European Honeymoon Cruise:
September 2007
Matt and I spent two dream-like, leisurely weeks aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Our stops included Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.

Trinidad & Tobago:
February 2010
I went on a missions trip to help a church in Arima, Trinidad, revamp their sanctuary. After a hard week's work, we took a few days to relax on the gorgeous island of Tobago.


Portland, Oregon:
I was born in the Pacific Northwest and lived there when a was a little girl. Nearly all of my mom's side of the family lives in Oregon, including my brother and his family, so my entire life has been dotted with annual or semi-annual trips to Oregon.

Saint Joseph, Michigan:
I grew up in this lovely little town along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Charlevoix, Michigan:
July 2014

Mackinac City and Mackinac Island, Michigan:
September 2012

Shipshewana, Indiana:
July 2011

Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains:
June 2011

Orlando, Florida:
May 2011

El Paso, Texas:
March/April 2011

Hot Springs, Arkansas:
May 2008


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