April 14, 2011

The Big Secret

I can now finally share my secret reason for my early (although only by a few weeks) return from Hungary!

I am so excited to tell you about this enormous, incredible blessing God provided!

Without further ado, I was recently able to spend two whole weeks with this person...


We met up in El Paso, Texas. Matt was one of a very few guys from his unit chosen to be sent for an assignment in the US for two weeks and, of course, the most amazing part was that I was able to join him there.

This was my first visit to Texas.


I was able to stay at the hotel with Matt and although he had to work during the day, we had all of our evenings together. It had been 6 months since we last saw each other, so you can imagine how beyond PSYCHED we were to have any and all time together!

Reunited :)

When Matt was working during the day, I mostly lounged by the pool.
It was sunny and in the 80's the whole two weeks....poor me!

These two weeks were beyond incredible. This was such a surprise blessing that Matt and I had never imagined we would have during his deployment. We will both be forever grateful for our time together in Texas. We made so many simple, yet deeply happy memories.

Being back together with Matt, I finally felt whole again. It won't be too much longer until I'll be able to feel entirely whole again, when we are reunited once and for all.


Meg said...

Yay! This post made me teary! I'm so happy you two were able to spend that time together!

Amy said...

reunited and it feels so good...(picture me singing this to you) :)


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