April 18, 2011

Mmm-Mmm Good

If you ever find yourself in El Paso, Texas, there are two restaurants which you must visit.

As I mentioned in my last post, Matt and I were able to spend our evenings together in El Paso. We had our own little rental car, so we were able to take ourselves anywhere we fancied.

These two restaurants in particular we found in our hotel room guidebook to El Paso's sights, restaurants, and entertainment. We liked these two restaurants so much, we ate dinner two times at each place!

The first restaurant: Carlos & Mickey's

This is a fabulous, authentic Mexican restaurant. And given that El Paso sits right on the border with Mexico, pretty much any Mexican food restaurant you find is authentic. However, we became aware that Carlos and Mickey's is probably one of El Paso's best-loved Mexican restaurants.

The staff was wonderful, the decor was beautiful, but the food....oh the food....


I used to be a Mexican food fanatic, until I ate it one day and got sick that evening with a horrible case of the stomach flu. Unfortunately that was when I was thirteen years old, and so the other half of my life, Mexican food hasn't ever appealed to me the same way.

However, being in Hungary somehow brought back my Mexican food cravings! I had been longing for some guacamole, and I had about the freshest, most delicious guacamole at Carlos and Mickey's.


Here, Matt is showing off one of the tostada chips they brought out with fresh salsa.

I ordered the nachos both times. I couldn't even eat half, the plate was so huge! But they were so incredibly delicious with beans, loads of Mexican cheese, and chiles.


The second restaurant: Crave


This is actually a quite small, yet trendy restaurant. The had regular menus, of course, but also had a creative display of their menu items on one whole wall.

The first time I went I got the chicken salad sandwich on a ciabatta roll. The roll was perfectly toasted with a bit of garlic and oil, and the chicken salad was extra flavorful as it contained dried cranberries and walnuts set atop a bed of fresh greens.

Matt and I decided to share our sides, and he ordered the asparagus for his side. It was grilled expertly so it was tender, yet slightly crispy, but the seasonings made it incredibly delicious.

For my side dish, I ordered the sweet potato waffle fries. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.


The second time we ate there I also ordered a sandwich, this time being turkey, brie, and bacon with cranberry sauce on a ciabatta roll. Simply delectable.

The main reason Matt and I returned to Crave was mainly for their dessert. We were back for more of what we had the first time:
The Barely Baked Cookie


It was served in its own little skillet, hot out of the oven. It truly is barely baked, and with a scoop of the purest vanilla bean ice cream in the center, each bite was heavenly. This was the best melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie dessert I've ever had!

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