April 13, 2011

Parting Gifts

Upon my departure from Hungary, I was given many gifts from my kind and generous friends.

Miniature stained glass art in a smooth plank of wood; this beautiful
and unique wall display was presented to me by the Trinity Church
congregation on my last night in Hungary

Lovely hand-knitted flower brooches

An exquisite necklace of turquoise

Three red stone hearts given to me by a mom and her two sons--one
to represent each of them

A decorative honey cookie

A gorgeous bookmark of the Debrecen Great Church, carved
intricately into the thinnest layer of wood

A pretty canister...

...filled with fresh, aromatic fruit tea

A charming wall hanging: Scripture in Hungarian

A mug made for me by my Hungarian language tutor

And every time I take a sip, I see this smiley face!

A set of paper napkins displaying the Debrecen Great Church

A hand-made scarf from one of my private students--a darling, artistic
high school girl

These gifts I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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