September 11, 2010

Híd Kulturális Központ

Híd means 'bridge' in Hungarian. I work and live at the Bridge Ministries Center, and I already showed you my room, so I thought I would share the rest of this special place with you.

Entryway to the coffee house on the second floor.

The Bridge is eight years old now. Jozsef Steiner essentially started this ministry. It began as a building designed to serve the city of Debrecen and to minister to its residents. It has a coffee house, conference rooms, and has comfortable rooms to rent {rooms just like mine!}. The Bridge gained a great reputation in the community and more and more people began coming here for the coffee house, art exhibitions, retreats, conferences, and featured speakers.

View of the cafe from one side...

and the other.

Because of the success of the Bridge and the community of believers that formed, Trinity Church was born. The church meets right here in the Bridge building and continues to grow. During my time here, I am serving the Bridge as well as Trinity Church.

The coffee bar/kitchen area.

Over the past several years, there has been a succession of American interns that have served at the Bridge for extended periods of time. Up until me, all the interns had been supplied by Fairfax Community Church in Fairfax, Virginia {DC area}. The role of each intern has been slightly different because the job is always changing to meet the most current needs of the church.

Some of the delicious teas and bottle drinks for sale here.

My time as an intern will be drastically different than those that came before me. After the end of 2010, the Bridge Ministries center, and Trinity Church along with it, will lose the current building they have used for the past eight years. It's a rather long story as to why, but it can be summed up to say that the funding for this building over the past years will cease as of January 2011.

Conference/meeting room.

The new year will bring a transition time for the Bridge and Trinity Church. First and foremost, a location for Trinity Church to meet each Sunday will be rented--but where, we do not yet know. Finding a suitable meeting place is a priority during the next few months. Over time, Trinity Church will acquire the Bridge's former mission of community outreach.

Office area.

The Bridge will transform to have new ministries and objectives. These new objectives no longer require a coffee house, offices, or rooms for rent. The Bridge will not have a need for a building as it did before because it will become a kind of traveling entity.

The pretty staircase, which I adore, takes you up to the four floors.

The mission of the Bridge will become focused on mentoring churches around Hungary and training future leaders in the Hungarian church. The Bridge was incredibly successful in Debrecen, but it fulfilled a need in the community, and this need will continue to be met by Trinity Church. The Bridge Ministries Center will now move on to contribute to the needs of the church throughout Hungary.

The Trinity Church sanctuary on the third floor.

As you can see, in a few short months, many, many changes will take place. There are many details still to be worked out, and many questions that are still unanswered. {one of which is where I will live after we leave this building! However, I'm not worried about it.} We are trusting God to provide, as He always has.

An extended view. My room is directly above the window area.

Please keep the Bridge and Trinity Church in your prayers over these next many months. I really feel that God wants me to be here specifically during this time of transition, and I am very grateful for that. In the weeks I have been here, it has been overwhelming to see the impact of these ministries. I pray that I can serve in any and all ways that God has for me here, and doing so is truly an honor.

There are a few windows like this in the Bridge. Inspirational.

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