September 15, 2010


I think my insides might burst. The time for Matt to arrive in Hungary is almost here. We could be together in a mere two days! Or three. Or four. Or five. That's the military, though. Hopefully we will know the actual flight schedule tomorrow!

I feel absolutely giddy, like a teenage girl about to go on a first date with her crush. There's anticipation, butterflies in my stomach, and the obsessive grooming as a part of all of this. For so many weeks I have been dreaming, dreaming of the time when Matt and I would finally be together again, and I can hardly believe it's almost here. I am delighted to show him what I already know of Hungary, but also to discover new things here with him, as well.

Just to be together...that is a thing so often taken for granted. Matt and I have learned this the hard way, as have all men, women, and families separated by war throughout history. It seems such a simple thing, to be together, but it's not. The blessing of being together is so monumental and most often we just don't realize it. To look into your loved one's face, to feel their presence next to you, to feel the touch of their hand...they are such simple things, but yet among the greatest treasures in life.

Matt and I will do so many things while he is here. But we will also spend lots of time relaxing. We will see the great sights of Budapest, and travel to quaint villages in the Hungarian countryside. We will fill our tummies with the most delicious Hungarian foods. We will cuddle while watching movies, and take long walks down city streets and through parks. We will spend warm and cozy "family" time with the Steiner family. We will spend time searching for little treasures to take home with us, to forever remind us of our adventures in Hungary. We will talk for hours, and laugh a lot, a whole lot. We always do.

So although we will be having great adventures, I am most looking forward to just being together again. Together--a sweet word that sings to my soul.

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