September 8, 2010

Oh Challenges, how I love you

As foretold, this week has been much busier. I've begun teaching private English lessons--I gave two on Monday and three yesterday. Then today I tutored Rachel in French. She's just begun learning French in school and she loves it already. How can you not?! C'est la plus belle langue du monde... {it's the most beautiful language in the world}

But living in France was different than it is living in Hungary, because in France I had lots of confidence in speaking the native tongue, and here I have none. I was with Rachel today in Forum {the four-story mall in Debrecen...the "it" place} and we were getting some lunch. I remarked to her that it felt like I was a child, because she had to take me around the food court and explain what some of the food displays were; I couldn't read the Hungarian labels. She assured me, "Don't worry, I will stay with you while you order." Then she ordered for me while I relayed to her what I wanted.

I feel confident in saying certain things in Hungarian and I am definitely understanding a lot more now. But I kind of freak-out {inwardly} when someone starts speaking to me in Hungarian and my brain suddenly becomes a jumbled mess. It's embarrassing and very frustrating for me. This is what I need to practice--listening in general conversation. I think most of the time I should know what the person is saying to me, but because they speak so quickly, {and because of my freak-out moment}, I feel like I didn't understand a single word.

For example, I have been learning the Hungarian numbers, but when I go to a cash register at a store, the cashier always says the amount due so quickly that I catch nothing. Sometimes there is a display screen with the amount due, but sometimes there's not. In those moments I panic a little and just hand the cashier the largest bill I've got {if I'm certain it is enough} or use my debit card.

This foreign language element has definitely been stretching me and taking me outside of my comfort zone. It's frustrating to feel helpless in many situations and also to know that the little you can communicate is basically at the level of a two year-old.

On another note, I did receive some happy, happy news today...from Matt. We still don't know when he will fly in to Hungary, but Matt says he's certain that the military is booking him to fly in/out of the Debrecen airport. I'm so relieved! I was certain Budapest would be the airport the military would choose for Matt, and that would have required me to take a two and a half hour train ride from Debrecen to Budapest, and then maneuver a way to get myself to the airport to retrieve Matt.

His arrival will now be more convenient for us and a bit more private. I'm glad we can come right back to the Bridge building to settle in, and then take off for our Budapest excursion the next day, or whenever we choose. {we're planning to explore Budapest for 3 or 4 days}

Although I'm in love with being here in Hungary, it is challenging. But I honestly would be disappointed if it weren't. After having experienced so much growth from challenges in my past, I find myself seeking them out. My heart says, "try me, test me." It is only outside of my comfort zone that I can grow in certain facets. And sometimes I just like to see what I'm really made of. go live and work in a country where you don't speak the language? Sure, why not? Do that on top of the painful absence of your husband while he's deployed? Absolutely.

I'm ready to learn whatever lessons may be in store for me. To grow with God as I rely on Him for all my strength. To see new places, and meet new people. To broaden my view of the world. To do things I never would have imagined possible.

After all, I am a dreamer. It's in my very nature. Bring on that horizon.


Sara said...

I love that you're a dreamer. Keep at it!!

Katie said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog Deanne!! It's like I am with you but not. Makes me miss you more than ever before...and we have spent our lives apart. lol


Katie Kyle


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