November 2, 2010

Autumn in Debrecen

Last week, I needed to go to the University of Debrecen's bookshop
to pick up a book they had ordered for me.

This is the main building of the University.

Just across the street from the University is Debrecen's
Great Forest.

I decided to go for a little stroll to take in the beauty of autumn.

Indeed, I was enveloped by it.

It was so quiet, so enchanting.

It was like I had the forest all to myself.

This is the view from my window of the street in front of the
Bridge building. It's perfectly silent at night, and after a particularly
windy day, the sidewalks and streets were covered in a blanket
of golden yellow leaves.

One of my favorite things about autumn in Debrecen has been
watching the leaves fall from the trees as I sit staring out the window.
Sometimes, so many leaves are falling at once that it looks like a rain shower
of golden leaves. It is infinitely lovely.

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Katie D. said...

I just discovered your blog...It is beautifully written and I love hearing about your travels! I would totally be doing what you're doing right now if I didn't have a baby to care for. But that is also wonderful. Keep up the good work :) I have a blog as well We should follow each other!


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