August 8, 2010

I'm here!!!

Sziasztok (hello all) from Hungary! I'm excited to write my first entry from here. :)

I arrived safe and sound in Debrecen on Friday night at 11 pm Hungary-time, 5 pm EST. I was exhausted! First I had a forty-five minute flight from Dayton to Chicago, then a SIX hour layover in Chicago, a nine hour flight to Warsaw, a three hour layover there, then an hour and a half flight to Budapest, then about three hours by car to Debrecen. The flights all went well, and my long flight to Warsaw was delightful because I was in row one of "coach," meaning I had about triple the leg room and a front row seat for the big movie screen {although I slept most of the flights, with it being an "overnight" flight}.

I have been on the go ever since! I've been especially busy meeting all the church members and trying to remember their names. :) They are all incredibly kind and just lovely people. I spoke today in church {with translation by Jozsef Steiner} and I had a chance to thank everyone for the goodies awaiting me in my room:

My dad comes tomorrow! More to come!

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Lainey said...

Oh, MY DESK!!!!!!!!:):) I started laughing when i saw this photo...... can I just say you lucked out and got the cini-minis and Csokolades muzli because of me?! :) hahahahah I always ate that cereal and I can just imagine Gal Jozsi or Sema or Csilla standing in the supermarket line, staring at the cereal and scratching their heads...... b/c cereal is NOT the norm!!!! oh, i bet you are soooo happy right now!!!!!


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