August 1, 2014

Summer Vacation in Charlevoix: Cherry Picking

It had never really crossed my mind to go to an orchard to pick cherries. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is an absolute joy and you simply must do it if you ever get the chance!

We had such a marvelous time picking cherries at a beautiful orchard and God blessed us with the most gorgeous weather to accompany our little outing, too.

Makenna equally adored our outing. She'd actually never eaten a cherry before. She popped several into her mouth and ate them whole, pits and all! I'm not surprised one bit that she took to them after her first taste.

She was quite intent on getting up onto a ladder, so her Papa helped her.

We wandered from tree to tree, filling our buckets and sampling the bright red fruits as we went to test their sweetness.

Makenna held four cherries clenched in her two little fists the entire time, claiming them as her very own.

It was a really dreamy morning.

In fact, we enjoyed cherry-picking so much that we went back another day. We truly couldn't pass up the fun or the unreal bargain of these delicious little sweets.

On our second outing, I stocked up on sour cherries to freeze and use later in tarts and pies. I've never made a cherry pie before...hopefully it will be a success and I can share that with you here.

I've picked many different types of fruit throughout my lifetime at various farms and orchards, yet I've never enjoyed it nearly so much as with cherries. Cherry-picking season only lasts a few weeks each summer, but if you can manage to find the venue, you must experience this treat for yourself!

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