July 30, 2014

Summer Vacation: Charlevoix, Michigan

Not too long ago we went away for a little family vacation. We didn't go too far, because the gorgeous state of Michigan that we call home offers endless destinations ideal for a summer holiday.

We drove north to Charlevoix, Michigan, which is a gorgeous little town nestled on the northernmost shore of Lake Michigan. We met up with family and friends who were already staying at a campground for a church camp; thus, we had free lodging! When I say "camp," I need to elaborate and explain that this campground was filled with beautiful, modern campers so we were by no means "roughing it." In fact, there was a family we know who had left their camper vacant on the campgrounds specifically so Matt, Makenna, and I could have our own comfortable and spacious camper all to ourselves. It was lovely!

I am quite enamored with the charming little downtown of Charlevoix. You'll see that I was unable to stop taking photos of this adorable place.

One morning, Matt and I had the luxury of wandering the shops, just the two of us, while Makenna stayed behind with her Papa and Nana for naptime. It was such a gorgeous morning, and we shared an "Almond Joy" latté whilst strolling and taking in the local farmer's market set up downtown.

There were so many wonderful things to look at and we picked up a few special treats to take home with us.

We were also able to enjoy a leisurely, toddler-free lunch at a Charlevoix staple.

If Charlevoix weren't located in northern Michigan, where the winters are even longer and more brutal, I might be very tempted indeed to relocate our little family there.

Downtown Charlevoix also has a small "Splash Pad" for the kids. Our fearless little water-loving babe had the time of her life frolicking in the spray.

We treated ourselves to Kilwin's ice cream more than once and even made the drive up to Petosky to tour the original Kilwin's chocolate factory. Makenna loved eyeing the sweets...

...and she was so tired that she was barely able to stay awake to enjoy her ice cream cone!

The weather was perfectly ideal, with the nights being cool enough to make it necessary to wrap ourselves in sweaters and blankets as we sat outside chatting.

One evening, some of our friends launched a paper lantern into the sky, which I had never witnessed before. It was magical.

It was such a delightful trip! Makenna loved every moment, taking in all the new surroundings, but she especially enjoyed interacting with so many people. She is such a social little lady.

I have a little more to share about our Charlevoix adventures, so stay tuned!

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