July 15, 2014

Project P.R.B. Update

I am pretty excited because {for the most part}, I have completed part "P" {purging} of my project and I'm well into part "R" {reorganizing}!

{See explanation of "P.R.B." here}

The house has been sorted through from literally top to bottom, and this is what I've come up with for the yard sale:

{caution: ugly basement photo!}

This photo does not include our big ticket items, either. It will be so nice to sort through this, get it prepared for the sale, and get it OUT of our house!

I've reorganized our kitchen, which I've been itching to do for months, and made a few changes to maximize storage space in our tiny kitchen {I'll write about this later}. I've also mostly gotten our utility room under control, thanks to the new shiny set of utility shelves we purchased to help with organization. I'd never thought I could be so excited about adding utility shelves to a space!

I also pulled out all of the bins from our attic to purge and ended up reorganizing all the bins of baby items and clothing. I added labels, too; nothing fancy like you see online but at least functional. That's one of my quirks, too--I have more peace of mind knowing the baby clothes are folded nice and neatly in their bins. Maybe other OCD-types can relate? Anyone??

I have planned a lot of "before and after" photos to share of things we've done around our house. We've been working hard, but there's still much to do.

Thanks to project P.R.B., I'm feeling so much better about the overall state of our house. Lots more things to share soon!

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