August 18, 2010

Weekend in Budapest

This past weekend was amazing! On Saturday I traveled with the Steiner family, my dad, and Rod Stafford to Budapest to attend the wedding of Peter (Peti) Kiss and Szabina Csontos. I met Peti during my family's visit in 1998; he was 12, I was 14, and Peti spoke almost no English. Now he (and Szabina) are fluent English speakers and I was able to spend a little time with them last week. Originally the wedding invitation was to my dad and mom, but since my mom isn't here, Peti and Szabina were kind to let me be my dad's "date." It was my first Hungarian Wedding!

The wedding was gorgeous. It was held in Budapest, at the Military History Museum, which is a beautifully old, historic building itself. The dinner reception was also there, and we learned that it is typical for Hungarian wedding receptions to last until 4 am or later! {though we didn't stay anywhere near that late}

Over the weekend, we stayed with the Martonffy family, who are members of the Budakalász Church of God. They were so wonderful! They have a daughter, Fruszi, who {along with their older son} attended American schools in Budapest growing up. Therefore, Fruszi doesn't have any accent whatsoever {when speaking English} and of course her English is perfect. She's actually attending my alma mater, Anderson University, and will be a junior next year. She let me stay in her room with her and we became fast friends. :)

My dad spoke at the Budakalász Church of God, where Peti Kiss is the pastor, but obviously was gone on his honeymoon! I met so many wonderful people there. Afterwards, we went to dinner at a lovely restaurant right on the Duna (Danube) and talked and laughed {and laughed some more} for several hours.

On Monday morning, my dad flew back to the US, as well as Rod. It was so incredibly fun to have him here and we made many memories that we will always treasure! I won't see him again for many months...

Enjoy these photos of the weekend!

An outside shot of the Military Musem.

Beautiful Budapest.

The courtyard where the wedding was held.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin...

The reception hall was magnificent.

My name looks pretty.

This charming building is located in Budakalász, just near the church.
It looks very Hungarian!

The Budakalász Church of God's sign.

I fell in love with the garden out back. Stone walls and ivy are my
perfect combination.

The Banner hanging in the church--St. Joe FCOG is a great partner in ministry!

My Hungarian Goulash soup at dinner. I highly recommend visiting Hungary,
part of the reason being that the traditional Goulash is exceptional
and MUST be had here!

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