December 16, 2010

It Feels Like Christmas

This Christmas season in Hungary has passed by more quickly than any others I can remember in the US. Debrecen is all lit up with Christmas lights and the outdoor Christmas market is incredible. I will have a post soon dedicated just to this market.

I am also excited to share photos of the magical, glittering Christmas lights all around Debrecen but for now, here are just a few photos...

An enchanting white tree of lights. This is my most favorite of all.

The weather is bitterly cold in Debrecen, but I am always in heaven wandering the city
streets whilst Jack Frost nips my nose and gives me rosy cheeks.

My girls Zsuzsa and Gerda. Noémi is playing photographer.
  One highlight of my week is my Wednesday afternoon French tutoring with Rachel Steiner. {Of course you know that we are dear friends from way back when}. We always find a fun café or tea house in Debrecen to cozy up in for a few hours.

This past week, we went to the tea house 'Carpe Diem.' After our normal girl talk over tea/coffee and sweets, we got down to business.

I saw baklava on the menu and after learning that Rachel had never tried it, I immediately ordered us each a piece. Of course, she loved it!

Ready for some girl talk!

I ordered the Karácsony Narancs {Christmas Orange} Tea. It was sweet and
spicy and absolutely perfect for a cold December day.

My dear Rachel :)

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