June 11, 2011

Smoky Mountain Getaway

Last week, Matt and I spent four relaxing days in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We wanted a small vacation for the two of us to celebrate being back together again after his year-long deployment.

We rented our own private cabin in the mountains. It was small, yet charming, and equipped with all we wanted. Our favorite part was the hot tub on the balcony where we could take in the amazing view.

The view from our porch:

The Smoky Mountains are so named for the bluish haze that constantly envelopes the peaks.

Despite our little cabin being up in the mountains, we were still only about a ten minute drive from the lovely little town of Gatlinburg.

It's pretty tourist-y, but we enjoyed walking the bustling streets and stopping in all the fun shops.

Ben and Jerry's has an amazingly delicious Mint Cookies N' Cream shake, so when we found a Ben and Jerry's store along our walk, Matt and I treated ourselves to a large one to share.

As we were strolling along, enjoying our shake, we happened upon a little side street off of the main drag of Gatlinburg. It was called "The Village."

It was so beautiful and just oozed with old European charm.

It's definitely my most favorite area of all in Gatlinburg.

We discovered one of the back shops in The Village was called "Celtic Heritage"--just our kind of store!

Inside, Matt learned that his mom's maiden name, Taylor {also Matt's middle name}, has Scottish origins and is not purely English as he previously assumed. He also discovered that the Taylor family has it's own tartan. Matt then found a scarf in his family's tartan and we couldn't resist purchasing it. I am absolutely in love with the colors of it--after all, this sea-green is my very favorite color.

After our purchase, Matt was feeling inspired...

Our final stop for the evening was in the "Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen."

After watching gooey taffy being made, we couldn't resist buying a box of our own!


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