December 22, 2010

Making Spirits Bright

As I mentioned in my last post, Saturday evening I attended a Christmas concert in the city center. Afterwards, I experienced the most wondrous journey back to the Bridge building.

The snow was falling quickly and the air was filled with swirling snowflakes. It was such a sight to behold. I couldn't help but smile as I walked the whole way home, feeling the snowflakes land on my eyelashes and breathing in the beautiful sights around me.

The snow was crunching beneath my feet. The air was filled with the shrieks and laughter of children playing in the snow. People were pulling little wooden sleighs behind them. Added to this were the glittering Christmas lights of Debrecen.

It was one of those times in your life where you feel so happy and light in your heart, the world seems absolutely perfect, and you know you will always remember the way you felt when you think upon these magical scenes replaying in your memory.

I am sad to say that I didn't have my camera with me on Saturday night with which to capture this winter wonderland. However, the memories of this enchanted walk through Debrecen will stay more vivid in my mind than any photograph could capture.

I am now so happy to share photos with you of Debrecen's Christmas market and Christmas lights:

The beginning of the market.

The shoppers are bustling about...

...the Christmas lights are twinkling...

...and the air is filled with the scent of hot spiced wine and roasted chestnuts.

The items for sale are a delight to the eye.

Savory sweets.

Glittering ornaments.

Best of all, the giant Christmas tree in front of the Great Church!

One can't help but to feel so small standing beneath it.

This week has been fabulous thus far and I can hardly believe that Christmas is only 3 days away!

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