February 20, 2011

The Fekete Family

I've mentioned the Fekete family several times on my blog and as I spend so much time with them, I thought it was time to formally introduce you to them. There is Tibi the dad {38}, Agi the mom {38}, Tibike the oldest child {14}, Tomi the middle {12}, and Agica the "baby" {8}.

{sidenote: 'fekete' means 'black' in Hungarian}

After the new year, I began having sleep-overs at the Fekete home on Friday nights. After eating dinner Friday evening, we all cozy up in the living room to watch a movie together while munching on popcorn. When it's time for bed, I get a room all to myself, since Tibike goes to sleep in Tomi and Agica's room, which apparently he does almost every night anyway. {adorable, huh?}

Saturdays are leisurely in the morning, enjoying the always-delicious food Agi makes and then the afternoon can be anything from shopping to ice skating or just playing Playstation 3 with the boys. 

The youngest, Agica, and I have started a tradition of painting our nails together each weekend. I'm always the nail-painter, and between Agica and the Szasz girls, I'm becoming a pretty good manicurist!

Agica and I showing off our freshly-painted nails.

The girls: Agi, Deanne, Agica.

The boys: Tibike and Tomi. I teach English lessons to both boys
on Wednesday nights.

Being silly.

Agica took this photo of herself. What a cutie!

My time spent with the Fekete family is a great chance for me to exercise my Hungarian. Agica, Tomi, and Tibi {the father} don't really speak English. Agi speaks English very well and Tibike is really coming along with his English speaking skills.

I love this family so much...too much for words. They are going to be one of the hardest families to say goodbye to. Oh sad heart!

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