February 24, 2011

My First Water Polo Match

On Tuesday evening, the Szasz family gave me a real treat--they took me to watch my first ever water polo match.

Now, you must know that water polo is a much more popular sport in Europe than it is in the US, and it's especially popular in Hungary because their water polo team is, well, basically the best. According to Wikipedia, "They are considered the best varsity water polo national team in history of the sport, having won 15 Olympic, 9 World Championship, 5 FINA World League, 8 FINA World Cup and 21 European Championship medals."

Interestingly enough, it was Hungary versus Canada! Unfortunately for Canada, they didn't prove to be much of a challenge to the Hungarians.

The teams are lined up for their respective national anthems.

With the lovely Fanni

The Canadians are in the black caps...

...and the Hungarians in the white caps.

I found water polo to be an extremely enjoyable sport to watch.

The scoreboard near halftime. You can also see that the Hungarians had
some cheerleader-type girls.

Csilla, her father, and Fanni watching the match.

I happened to capture one of the few goals the Canadians scored during the
whole match.

It was really fun to join in with the Hungarian spectators and chant and cheer
for Hungary! Their team truly is superb.

My "little sis." The Hungarian word for little sister is "hug" {although
pronounced like 'hoog'}--I love that.

The final score--poor Canada! They traveled so far to get beat so badly
by the Hungarians.


Penny Dorsey said...

Oh Deanne....nice. Miss you sweetie!

Aunt Penny

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Fun! I've never gone to one but looks interesting.

<3, New Follower
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Deanne Maureen said...

Welcome, Tanya! :) So happy to discover your blog, also!


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