March 1, 2011

Twenty Days

Oh, dear. Time is whizzing by at a blinding speed. How is it that I find myself here, less than three weeks away from my return to the US? The feeling is, well, just plain weird.

I'm afraid my posts may be a bit scarce during these next few weeks as my schedule is jam-packed with spending time with friends and families here before my departure. I'll do my best to try and keep up! Also, once I get back stateside, I'll have more time to reformat my blog and put lots of time into it.

There are so many good things to look forward to back home. Most importantly, of course, is Matt's return from Afghanistan, which should still be at some point in May. Here are the other many exciting things to come:
~reuniting with family, friends, and my dog Annabelle after 8 months away
~April: searching out an apartment for me and Matt in the northern Detroit area, moving in, and getting things unpacked and settled before Matt comes back
~May: Perry family trip to Orlando! We're renting a gorgeous house for a week and doing Universal, Disney, Seaworld, etc.
~June: a trip for just me and Matt, renting a cabin in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of TN
~July: Grand Rapids and hopefully a trip to St. Joseph!
~August: out to Portland to see ALL the family and attend the wedding of my dearest friend, Katie, and finally reunite with another cherished friend, Helena
~Sometime within the next year, Matt and I hope to buy our first house!!!

I'm so excited for what the future holds, but I want my present focus to stay here in Debrecen, Hungary. I pray I can relish each moment I have here in these last three weeks.

As I was walking through the city streets tonight, I turned my eyes towards the starry sky which I could see beyond the beautiful town hall building. My heart was filled with a sense of melancholy, as I cannot imagine leaving this place. How I hate goodbyes. Oh, dear.

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