February 17, 2011

Bon voyage, my suitcase

As of tomorrow, I will only have 31 days left in Hungary. However, one of my suitcases will begin to make its way back to the US tomorrow morning.

I brought three suitcases to Hungary--two I brought myself and one was brought by my dad {here on church buisness in August}. I knew I should have really only brought two, but I also knew that realistically, I'd need another suitcase to bring back gifts and the many things I've bought here.

So how is my suitcase traveling without me, you may ask? Well, tomorrow morning Jozsef Steiner will begin to make his way to {conveniently enough}, my parents' home. He will be there on church business for about nine days and kindly agreed to bring a second suitcase {mine} with him.

Of course there will be a charge for this second suitcase. While many airlines charge $50 on overseas flights for a second piece of luggage, AirFrance charges $80. Even so, it is going to save me a ton of money by not having to pay for a third piece of checked luggage on my own journey home next month.

The contents of the suitcase are almost all gifts, save a few pairs of summer-y shoes and scarves which I used to wrap and protect the more fragile things.

I'm very hopeful that I won't have a problem fitting my things into two suitcases on my way home, once I determine all of the many things I'm going to leave behind. The weight of my luggage will be the real test...

Although the true champion packer is my mom, be it packing for a weekend away, a long trip, or packing up a home. It looks like a work of art when she opens her suitcase and she has so many little tricks for saving space. Sadly though, I have not mastered the art of packing as well as she, but I'm also convinced that no one can do anything as well as my mom can.

What are your packing secrets when you travel?

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Charlotte Porter said...

Stuff your shoes with socks or unmentionables - saves a little room in the suitcase. The best tip is to travel light:) Hard to do; it grows easier with age and experience.


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