February 15, 2011

Hello, Sun

The winter in Debrecen has seemed extra dismal lately. The sun, it seems, is in hibernation, and though it peeks its little head out sometimes, those occurances are few and far between.

The gloom is tiring, the cold air unfriendly and relentless. Many days are drowned by a thick and saddening fog, although this fog doesn't seem so hauntingly beautiful as the fog I experienced last month in Budapest. I suppose the dreary days affect the mood of the locals, as everyone seems to wear dour faces on the bus or walking the streets.

Today was different, however. The sun was out and shining full force all day long.

I had the pleasure of wandering around Debrecen for several hours this afternoon. Although it was chilly, the cold wasn't so bitter.

It felt as though the mood of the whole of Debrecen had been uplifted. People were lingering outside, smiling, talking, laughing. The cloud of gloom had disintegrated.

I felt in an especially cheery mood. The weather today made it feel as though spring is just around the corner.

I dearly hope that is true. I would love to see Debrecen become green again before I have to leave next month.

No matter, though. Debrecen is still beautiful in the dead of winter, even when it's not blanketed in pretty white snow. What an exceptional city...I am so blessed to live here.

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