January 4, 2011

Latté Macchiatos and Marble Columns

The packing is well underway at the Bridge:

Actually, yesterday was incredibly productive. We worked for almost 12 hours and most things in the building are all packed up. Now, we just need the men to move all the big, heavy furniture and boxes down the stairwell and into the trucks!

No more internet for me this week at the Bridge. I will move into the Szasz family home on Saturday, so until then, I have to walk around the corner to the McDonald's to use their WiFi. Actually, I don't really mind because they have and actual café--the 'McCafé.'

They serve all their drinks in glass cups--a nice change from the cardboard that
even Starbucks uses in the US.

In fact, the café part of the McDonald's looks closer to a Starbucks than
a McDonald's.

And here is the rest of the McDonald's...that's right! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The
ambiance in here is incredible. They used to rent this building out for
wedding receptions.

So for this week, I'll happily enjoy lots of latté macchiatos in this marble-columned
McDonald's whilst typing away on my laptop.

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