September 4, 2013

Labor Day Fun

We spent this past Labor Day "back home" where I grew up in Stevensville/Saint Joseph, Michigan. We went to meet up with my best friend Laura, her husband Chris, and their two adorable daughters.

It was such a breath of fresh air -- both because I rarely go "home" anymore since my parents now live in Ohio and because I so rarely get a long weekend with my best friend.

It was a weekend filled with good food, laughter, the beach, shopping, relaxing, and catching up on sleep. Of course it was a weekend full of "firsts" for Makenna and I was devastated to discover that I had forgotten my SD card for my camera at home. Thankfully, not only did Laura let me borrow her digital camera, but she was kind enough to take some practice shots this weekend with her brand new, professional-grade camera.

It was the loveliest weekend, one we wished would never end...

Beach babe

Too bad our beach day was cloudy during the time we were there.

Makenna's first test of Lake Michigan's waters--they were a bit cold for her liking.

Makenna had her first ride on the St. Joe Carousel, but on my lap on the stationary benches, of course!

Makenna (6 months), Eden (3 years), and Addie (22 months)

Makenna, Eden, and Addie were the cutest together! Eden and Addie would bring toys and pile them up in front of Makenna. It was so incredibly sweet, and Makenna was so delighted!

My favorite shot

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