August 28, 2013

Guest Post: Have a Wonderful Family Getaway

I am absolutely delighted and honored to share a guest post from travel expert Kendra Thornton today! Kendra appears regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, and CW affiliates to share her expansive travel knowledge. Her world travels began at three months old and eventually led her to be the Director of Corporate Communications for Orbitz. Now, as a full-time mom of three, she is especially helpful in offering tips on traveling with family and little ones.

Whether you're planning to travel over the upcoming Labor Day weekend as we are, or planning for other future family vacations, you'll find these tips especially insightful.

Have a Wonderful Family Getaway

While your calendar will soon be filled with school, fall sports, and dance recitals, it’s not too late for one last getaway. Make the most of this time and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Figure out the details ahead of time, and the whole family will have a stress-free and fun vacation!

1) Memories to Last

Make it a trip none will forget. Buy a disposable camera for every member of the family. Announce a photo contest with categories like ‘funniest photo of Dad’, ‘cutest picture of the baby’, and ‘most touching moment between siblings’. Once you’re unpacked back at home, make a scrapbook of all the photos. Your kids will love being able to take these photos, and you will equally enjoy seeing their creativity at work.

2) Destination Fun!

Make vacation exciting for everyone by choosing a family-friendly destination. Think about what your children love: nature hikes, amusement park rides, or a trip to the aquarium. Choose a place that offers these activities onsite or nearby. I have found that traveling to big cities, like my hometown of Chicago, can actually be the best way to incorporate activities the whole family will love. To determine where to stay in a big city like Chicago, read user reviews about the hotels you are considering on a site like Gogobot when traveling this season. Many resorts include excellent kids clubs that provide parents time alone. Adults can relax at the spa, play a game of tennis, or simply enjoy the hotel room amenities– with no interruptions!

3) Baby on the Go!

Toting along a full-size stroller can cause a full-size headache. However, there are other options. You can purchase an inexpensive umbrella stroller. This will be easy to transport, and will leave you without the worries of damaging it like you would normally have with the expensive, brand name stroller. Also, you may be able to rent a stroller at your destination if you can do without one at the airport.

4) Cruise through Security

Plan ahead of time to speed up airport check-in and security procedures. Print out your boarding passes the day before your trip and you’ll be able to cut down one trip to a counter at the airport. Be sure that everyone wears slip-on shoes to save time and hassle. Also, review what you can bring through security in your carry-on bag prior to packing.

5) Be Worry-Free

After the kids are exhausted from a day of exciting activities, it’s time for you and the hubby to relax together. Do this worry-free with a little help from technology! The Presence by People app converts your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a video camera with a motion detection feature and a two-way conversation mode. You can go down to the hotel pool together, or enjoy a drink at the hotel bar all while knowing your little one is safe and sound a few floors up in the hotel room.

With the fall season nipping at our heels, there is no better time than now to enjoy a family vacation. Use these tips to help minimize the stress and hassle that can sometimes come with traveling, and remember, have fun!

A big thank you to Kendra for stopping by 'Delighted'! 

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