August 27, 2013

Half a Year

As if our lives couldn't be any busier, and our summer more jam-packed with trips and visitors, here we have turned around and our little Makenna Rose has turned six months old.

As you might be able to see, she is still such a tiny, little thing, proving that the best things come in small packages. She has, however, moved up into the 7th percentile range for her weight (up 4%)!

To put in perspective just how much Makenna has grown and changed in the past months, here is a reminder of what she looked like at 16 days old:

What a happy, social child God has blessed us with! She is still really enjoying smiling at and interacting with strangers at this point. I know many babies go through a stage of shyness with strangers--we'll see if that happens with our little lady who, for now, seems to be the epitome of a social butterfly.

Oh and these adorable overalls? Yeah, they were mine as a baby! How fun is it
that my mom held on to some of my baby clothes so I can put MY baby girl in them?!

Each day becomes more exciting as she is growing and learning to do new things, like adding "ma-ma" to her baby-talk, or how she has just started to "reach" her arms out to me when I am leaning to pick her up.

I love our Makenna Rose more and more with each passing moment.

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