July 12, 2013

Five Months, Baby

Our little Makenna Rose just turned five months.

And she is getting more fun by the day!

Let me just tell you, this little lady is one happy baby, pretty much all the time!

If I knew any and all babies Matt and I could produce would be as happy and easy-going as Makenna, well,  we'd be tempted to have twelve children or something like that. However, we realize that our chances are few and far between that our next one or two babies will be as "easy" as Makenna.

Here's the latest on the babe:
~She still sleeps like a pro--sleeping through the night and a great napper. She now wakes up earlier in the mornings, but also goes down way earlier in the evenings.
~As of this past Sunday, Makenna started eating her first solids! {Baby oatmeal, to be exact}. And she loves it. We knew she was ready; she had been watching us eat and drink with fascination for awhile, opening her mouth each time we'd take bites and leaning in towards our drinks as we brought them to our lips.
~She's doubled her birth weight. Which is hard to believe because she's still so incredibly tiny. But she was also born incredibly tiny. Her pediatrician has been pleased all along with her growth rate and even though she is ultra-petite {3rd percentile for weight, 15th for height}, she's maintaining the growth curve for her size.
 ~Makenna's also hitting each one of her developmental milestones right on target. This little lady is strong, too!
~If you talk to her, she'll "talk" back to you. Which is really more like squawking. {It's not very cute-sounding}. Matt and I liken it to a dinosaur noise, which has prompted us to nickname her "baby dinosaur."

And can we take a second here to just talk about her hair? OH, her hair! It's so long now and definitely resembles a mullet in the back. It's long enough for tiny pig-tails, too. And as you can imagine, if we had a dollar for every time someone says "Look at all that hair!".... I think that's why we get comments about her looking like a baby doll a lot, because she is so very petite and yet has this crazy, full head of hair. It seems to be getting lighter, too. In photos, her hair tends to looks slightly reddish, but when you compare my hair to Makenna's, there really doesn't look to be any hint of it turning red later on. We wash her hair every other day because it gets too greasy otherwise. Since her hair has a mind of its own and poofs all over the place, it makes Makenna's head look way bigger than the rest of her. We just adore her hair and we're so thankful it didn't fall out like it can with some babies!

Our little Makenna is such a delight. There's no describing how much better and more fun our lives are with her in it. Indeed, she is our greatest joy.

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bakeaholic said...

I so want to meet her!


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