November 16, 2010

Playing in the darkness below

If you remember from a post last month about Matt's visit here, you'll remember me mentioning the Labyrinth in Budapest. It is comprised of ancient caves running underneath the old castle--very dark and very musty, and a little scary, too. Jane and I went there, although the second time around, it wasn't so scary for me.

One of my favorite things in life is being silly. Very silly, indeed. In fact, it is a necessity in my life; something I feel I need in order to enjoy my life to the fullest.

If you look below, you'll see that Jane and I included lots of silliness in our tour of the Labyrinth!

Well hello there.

Well, I thought, since it's not a good idea to do this with a real horse...

Jane's a natural with horses.

I'm just pretending--I promise!!!

These chains can't hold me back!
Why yes, thank you. I would like to try some.

Jane seems to be a little less trusting.

Always looking for a tiny bit of mischief, I snuck through some rusty bars
to get my picture with this fellow. His face was really slimy.

Mmm hmm...I see.

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