May 21, 2009

Trip to Oregon 2009

Sad to say, this post is about two months overdue. Nevertheless, I had to take the time to share about my wonderful trip to Portland in March. I went with my mom and sister--a girls' trip. My mom was so wonderfully generous to purchase airline tickets for me and Erin with her frequent flier points. That was the only way we could afford to go, and unfortunately it meant that Matt, my dad, and my brother-in-law Dan were left at home.

Once me, my mom, and Erin all met up in Portland (we each flew separately), we picked up my grandparents and went to the Oregon coast to stay for several days. These are my maternal grandparents, Cecil and Ethel. I love them so much and don't get to see them often, so this was very special for me. My grandparents LOVE staying along the Oregon coast and we were so pleased to take them there! The weather was really perfect...a bit cold, but still pleasant to be on the beach. We had some overcast days and even one sunny day, and we were fortunate enough to avoid the oh-so-common Oregon rain! My mom shared a condo with my grandparents and Erin and I had our own room in another building within the resort. We spent lots of time with my grandparents in their condo, just sitting by the fire and chatting or playing card games. Erin and I had some great times at the beach, exploring sea creatures together at low tide, as well as spending time alone for journaling and quiet times. We also ate at many great restaurants along the coast.

After our lovely stay at the beach, we returned to Portland for several more days. We stayed with family there, and boy, do we have a lot! Here's my family that lives in the Portland area: Grandpa/Grandpa, three sets of uncles/aunts, my brother/his wife/kids, and five cousins/their spouses/families. We spent most of our time with my brother, Brandon, his wife, Karyl, Krista (6), and Sam (20 months). It's really hard living so far away from Brandon and his family. We don't get to see them much at all, and of course the kids are growing so quickly! My whole family in Oregon is amazing and I am so blessed by all of them.

Here are a few pictures that highlight our trip:

The beautiful sea

A view of our condos from the beach

The view from my grandparents' condo

We saw so many starfish at low tide, in all colors!

An evening meal

Grandma and the girls :) Me and the best mom in the world!

Krista and Sam

Could he be any more adorable?

Me and Krista after climbing to the base of the first falls

All of us at Multnomah Falls

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