May 30, 2011

The Florida Adventure: Sea World

Monday was our Sea World day. We had a full day of exploring the large park, riding roller coasters, and catching several shows.

Although the park focuses mainly on sea life, it had quite the array of beautiful, exotic birds scattered throughout the park.

This gorgeous bird is called a Crested Caracara--the national bird of Mexico. She had such a sweet little face and was very photogenic.

We ended our day by dining at the Rainforest Cafe. It's created to resemble a jungle inside, complete with jungle animals that come to life every fifteen minutes.

We were seated underneath the beautiful starry night sky. Every so often, a thunderstorm rolled through the "jungle" and it even rained!

If I had one complaint about our whole time in Florida, it was that it was too hot. I'm simply not built to deal with such heat, nor my skin to have that much sun exposure. Still, I realize that if that's my only complaint, that's not too bad at all!

More adventures to come...

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