June 7, 2011

Medieval Times

{Matt and I are back from our trip to Tennessee, but before I tell about that, I have a few more Florida adventures to share...}

During our time in Orlando, we had pre-booked tickets and set aside one evening to go out and enjoy the Medieval Times 'Dinner and Tournament.' It's a fun-filled dinner show where one feasts in an arena, cheering on the knights as they compete in a tournament complete with sword fights and jousting.

In true medieval-style, all guests eat their dinners with hands only! We were also assigned a certain 'Knight of the realm' to cheer for. Our knight's colors were red and gold, so we sat in the red and gold area of the arena and wore red and gold striped crowns.

A storyline was played out, complete with a King, Prince, Princess, and villain. Unfortunately, our knight didn't do so well in the tournament. It was an extremely fun show and we had a blast yelling "yea!" or "boo!" throughout the show.

Some might find Medieval Times to be cheesy, but it truly is an evening of great fun if you come with others who are really willing to get into the spirit. The food was delicious and plentiful, the fighting in the show excellently choreographed, and the atmosphere of the whole evening was overall delightful!

Our pewter tableware

Our knight of the realm is sitting on the white horse, second from right

The King and Princess

Aaron, Megan, Jennie, and JJ finishing up the feast

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