February 12, 2010

Trinidad & Tobago 2010, part one

I had intended to post sooner about my trip after arriving home on Wed. (2 am), but unfortunately I caught a stomach bug just as I was leaving Trinidad and I've been on the outs ever since. It did make for quite the horrible travel day, with two 3-hour flights and a 9-hour layover in Miami, but I am just so, SO thankful that I got sick on the way out and didn't have sickness keeping me from experiencing ANYTHING while I was there!!!

God is amazing! I cannot put into words how blessed I feel that He chose me to be a part of this mission trip. It was a phenomenal experience and I walked away with countless memories and new friends.

I'm planning on sharing my trip in installments, as I have so much to tell. I also have great photos to share, but my camera isn't the greatest and many of my photos are blurry, so I'm waiting to get photos from some of the other girls who went on the trip.

As a preface, there were 22 of us total who went on the trip. Two girls turned 18 while on the trip (they came with their dads), three of us were in our 20's, one was in her 30's, and everyone else was around age 50 through their late 70's.

After only one or two days together, we already felt like a family. Our group represented 10 different Church of God congregations across Michigan from west to east. We consisted of the old, young, the black, and the white. The fellowship we had with one another was an incredible blessing.

I'm going to post something each day for the next several days, so check back to hear what God has done in my life, the lives of the others in our group, and in Arima, Trinidad!

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