March 30, 2011

Fun-Filled Final Week

Very soon, my dears, I shall be able to share with you the reason for my "early" return from Hungary! Until then, a few more bits to share from my final days...

My last week in Hungary couldn't have been any more perfect. A few highlights:

A trip to the cinema with the Fekete family to see Gulliver's Travels 3D

Getting lessons on how to drive a manual car {sadly I've never learned}
from Tibi and Agi

Girls night! Gerda and I did some shopping, saw a movie, and then met up
with Sema afterwards at a tea house

Meeting Marianna at a charming cafe for coffee and cake

My final day of teaching at the Euro high school; this class presented me
with a beautiful bouquet of flowers {white lilies} and a big box of chocolates

This is the quote on the door to my 9G classroom--it
never fails to crack me up!

My 9G class surprised me by planning a tea party for our last lesson.
How sweet!

Zsani, Barbi, and Betti

One of my 9G students gave me this smiling moose; we named him
"Csoki" {short for csokolade, which means chocolate}

Barbi brought her sunglasses to class and I asked if I could try them on--
then the girls grabbed my camera

There is a tree near to a window at the school which is inhabited by five
owls; I got this great close-up of one of them

This is my class of older students which I teach in two different groups;
they also presented me with chocolates

Such a lovely, bittersweet week...

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