March 15, 2011

The Heartbreak Begins

Today is an important Hungarian national holiday--March 15th, the celebration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. Everything is closed today. There's no work, no school, and though the sky has been cloudy, the air is promisingly warm. The city streets were crowded today with families biking together, couples walking leisurely hand in hand, or students standing in groups and laughing loudly together. Many homes are displaying the Hungarian flag today be it small or large. Little decorative pins adorn the jackets of the old and young alike.

The air was filled with sentiments of joy, but my heart was heavy. This is my week of "lasts," the week where I must say goodbye to Debrecen and all my beloved ones here.

Sunday morning, I woke up with a start. I had an intense feeling of last week had officially begun. At that moment I could feel a crack begin in my heart. And with each hug and wave goodbye, the crack grows deeper and longer.

So as I began the ten minute walk from the bus stop to the Szasz home this evening, I lifted my eyes to the sky, past the grey clouds, and saw the lovliest of sights...

...this sunset.

Reflecting upon sunsets seems quite appropriate for me this week since my time in Hungary is coming to an end, like the sunset at the end of a beautiful day. As the finish approaches, I look back on my last eight months here, and my all memories are illuminated by this setting sun. I want to soak in all the last little bits of glorious light that Hungary has brought to my life.

I have already had such a great start to my week and the rest of my five days are filled to the brim with delightful things. These occasions will be bittersweet, of course, as they must all end with sad goodbyes.

As I walked through the neighborhood, I could hear many families out in their gardens, eating, laughing, and enjoying the weather. I let myself into the Szasz home, only to find it empty...they, too, were out in their garden! I smelled something delicious drifting from the garden, so I was certain of one thing I would find...

...Robi cooking soup! These cooking fire pits are found in nearly all Hungarian gardens. It's a staple of fine Hungarian cuisine to prepare food in large kettles over these fire pits. Robi did a brilliant job; the soup was incredible.

Since Debrecen has been graced with warmer weather this past week, the Szasz girls and I have been able to enjoy their trampoline nearly every day! On Sunday alone, the three of us spent almost two hours straight just jumping and playing on it.

Fanni and Nori

This is my sweet little friend, Zsofi, whom I had to say goodbye to today. I also had my final Hungarian tutoring session, sadly. My tutor, Mirjam, is my age and we have become very dear friends.

Although my heart is breaking, it is also rejoicing, as there are so many, many things to look forward to in the coming months...


Alyssa said...

Praying for you as you end your stay in Hungary and make you way back to Michigan.

Looking forward to seeing you and here all about your experience in Hungary.

God Bless and Safe Travels,

Sara said...

Oh Deanne... I remember the bittersweet feelings like they were just yesterday. The pit in your stomach, yet the butterflies as well. Sadness and excitement. Such opposite emotions at exactly the same time. How can that be? Yet it is.

I am praying for you, thinking about you, and loving you. I absolutely can't wait to see your face in real life and not in a picture. And can't wait to sit and drink coffee with you once again.

Enjoy every moment as this chapter ends. i love you dearly, my traveling friend.


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