October 11, 2010

Matt's visit, part two

Two days after our trip to Eger, Matt and I were both feeling a lot better. We spent that Thursday with the Steiner family. We began with a trip to Hotel Divinus (the five star hotel in Debrecen) for lunch, which of course was phenomenal. We then made a trip to Forum for some delicious ice cream and a stroll around the mall.

Next, we went back to the Steiner home, where Matt met the Steiners' dog, Drazs√©. She's a beagle and loved Matt from the first moment. They really bonded! Matt was so eager to spend time with a dog {we both miss Annabelle so much}. It was so wonderful to spend the evening relaxing and having fun with the whole Steiner family. We ordered pizza and played lots of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It was such an enjoyable day.

On Saturday, Jozsi Gal {one of the head administrators of the Bridge} drove me and Matt north of Debrecen to the border of Hungary and Slovakia. Gerda, a friend from the church, came also. It took two and a half hours to get there, but the scenery was so beautiful. The further north we went, the more mountains there were. Our destination was Aggtelek, a National Park as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The caves there are famous and we took an hour-long tour through this incredible maze of caves. I was especially fascinated because in the middle of the caves, they have created a theatre of sorts in one of the massive caverns, and concerts are held there regularly. I'd love, love to go to one!

Jozsi's family lives just outside of Aggtelek, so we stopped there for lunch. More delicious Hungarian cuisine! With our bellies full and satisfied, we made the drive back to Debrecen as the sun set behind the mountains.

{Note: I am an idiot and left my SD card in my laptop on the day we went to Aggtelek. Imagine my disappointment upon discovering that my camera was SD card-less as I stood there surrounded by such natural beauty!!!}

Lunch at Hotel Divinus.

The best people ever: Jozsef and Csilla.


Being silly...

My Mecca in Debrecen: Forum shopping center.

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