December 13, 2010

A Sparkling December

First of all, I am currently in a state of bliss as we finally have snow in Debrecen and this is my current view from my bedroom window...

December has been bustling with activities thus far, all incredibly special and enjoyable for me, getting to experience Christmas Hungarian-style.

We had a children's craft evening last week and I joined in on the fun, making the crafts alongside the littler ones.

First we made a pretty and decorative clothes pin:

Then I had the brilliant idea to do this:

And soon all the other girlies followed suit!

We also made angel ornaments out of dried corn husks.

In other big news, I have to move out of the Bridge building by January 2nd. At the moment, I have four families from the church who have offered me a room! They are so generous and I'm really touched. Each home has some pluses and some minuses, so I really have to think this one through. I have no doubt that I can be happy anywhere, but trying to choose which home might be the better fit for me is a challenge.

I'll announce when I've made a decision...

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