March 17, 2010

More traveling

I got back on Sunday from an almost two-week long trip with my parents to Oregon. Matt left a couple of days before this, and has been gone ever since doing military training in Florida. He gets back this Friday--finally!!! Anyway, the trip to Oregon was perfect timing since it kept me from being home alone for 3 weeks while Matt is away at training.

I had all these good intentions of finishing up sharing about Trinidad on my blog while I was in Oregon, but for various reasons, I didn't have nearly as much time on the Internet as I anticipated. So....clearly, none of the intended blogging happened! It's really not a bad thing at all that I was too busy to be sitting around blogging.

Nonetheless, now I feel extra-behind because I need to finish up Trinidad and THEN share about the awesome trip I just had! I have more great pics to share!

Side note: Matt's deployment to Afghanistan begins mid-May. I'll have more updates soon on what I'll be keeping busy with while he's away at war...

ALSO: HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! Wearing my red hair with pride today!!!

"If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough." An Irish saying

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