May 8, 2010

A Lovely Week

I'm so looking forward to this coming week. It's the last week Matt and I have to spend together before he deploys. Matt worked his last day at his job {until he returns from deployment} this past Thursday, so we have the whole week completely to ourselves.

We have wonderful things to look forward to this week. Tomorrow evening Matt's lovely mother is throwing him a, of course, patriotic-themed send-off party so friends and family can have one last chance to see Matt before he leaves. My parents will come up for the party and it will be a perfect outdoor bbq complete with pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, brownies, ice cream, and even a root beer keg for making root beer floats!

Monday evening, we're having dinner with my sister, Erin, and brother-in-law, Dan. It will be their last chance to see Matt, but it will also be a celebration for Erin; she receives her Master's Degree TODAY! {so proud of her!}

Tuesday and Wednesday, Matt and I will go on a little getaway to St. Joseph, my hometown in Michigan, per Matt's request. There are so many lovely things to do and see there and of course the location is picturesque beyond words. We are very much looking forward to staying in the Boulevard Hotel on the bluff! The rooms there are gorgeous suites with views of Lake Michigan. Not sure if the weather will cooperate, however, and allow us one of those beautiful Lake Michigan sunsets.

The rest of our week will be spent simply enjoying one another and doing our favorite things in Lansing. This is, after all, Matt's last week being in our apartment and in the Lansing area, for that matter. My goal is to make this week as relaxing and enjoyable for Matt as possible.

I'm very proud to be his wife. :)

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