July 29, 2010

Are you kidding?

I travel frequently on airlines. And for those of you who do as well, I'm sure you're well aware of airlines charging more and offering less. For example, airlines now charge a checked bag fee on all domestic flights, even if you're only checking ONE piece of luggage. It used to be that on cross-country flights, airlines would give you a meal, but no more. Depending on the airline, you may get a beverage and possibly peanuts or pretzels, but some airlines no longer give snacks at all. Some airlines give you the option to purchase snacks or even cold sandwiches, but of course, at outrageous prices.

Now...airplane food has never been anything extraordinary, but my favorite part was always the manner in which it was served. Being drawn to all things neat and organized, I was always delighted to receive meals with each item in it's own individual compartment, with the utensils and condiments {salad dressing, butter for your roll, salt, pepper} neatly wrapped in their own packaging. Yes, I am easy to please. I'm at least happy that I'll get a meal on my overseas flight.

But my real frustration comes from learning that on international flights, many airlines are now only allowing ONE free checked bag. You are charged $50 for a second bag. I was shocked to learn this. This fee is new, as two years ago when I traveled to England and back, you could have two checked bags for free. This second-bag charge frustrates me because now I have to pay for my second piece of luggage and also the second one my dad is bringing for me . {my dad is traveling to Lebanon first and then we'll meet up in Debrecen, as he always attends the annual board meeting of the ministry center}. So here I thought I had derived a clever way to be able to have three pieces of luggage to pack for my long stay, but now I'll have to pay for two of the three.

Of course, this means I'll have three pieces of luggage to check when I fly home next year, so I'll have to pay $50 for the second piece and $150-$200 for my third. Fabulous.

Airlines are making me angry! I'm honestly just waiting for the day when they start charging for each carry-on item and take away our free in-flight beverage service.

There was my little rant. Thank you for listening to me vent! :)

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