June 19, 2011

Beach Wedding

Yesterday I attended my very first beach wedding.

I mentioned last month that our good friends Nick and Jaela were getting married. Nick and Matt are friends from way back, and that's how Jaela and I were introduced. Now we are very dear friends, and Jaela has given me permission to share about her lovely wedding.

The wedding took place on a beach along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. Despite weather forecasts earlier this week threatening with chances of rain/thunderstorms, yesterday's weather was absolutely perfect. It was warm but not too hot, the lake was unusually calm, and the water was the most marvelous shade of blue.

Jaela was an absolutely stunning bride and the ceremony was lovely. It was the perfect, beautiful setting for Nick and Jaela's wedding.


The creativity and character that went into the planning of this event was spectacular! I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with this much personal touch to it. It was utterly charming. 

The hors d'oeuvres tent; the lemonade was so incredibly refreshing

The reception was held in a rustic lodge near to the beach

One of my favorite details: each guest had his/her own unique, thrifted
dinner plate which could be taken home as a souvenir!

The Matron of Honor, Heidi, gives a toast.

The post-wedding celebration included a photo both with props! Guests received a photo strip to take home, but Nick and Jaela, of course, will get copies of all the photos taken. We had loads of fun with that.

Another brilliant idea as a part of the festivities: a local ice cream parlor was brought in and ran a booth with a marble slab and mix-ins {à la Coldstone}. What could be more perfect for a summer beach wedding?

Nick and Jaela's wedding was definitely one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, and intimate weddings I've ever attended. It really was a perfect day.

Thanks to them, I've fallen in love with beach weddings!


Rebecca Maier said...

Deanne! What a suprise! So excited you found my blog. Beautiful wedding by the way - wow! Are you going to the 10th reunion?

Deanne Maureen said...

Hey girl! I actually have kept up with your blog since you gave me the web address for it way back at Cara's Silpada party....and then I finally realized that I never signed up as a follower! Your kids are too adorable for words and you seem like a fantastic mom. :) Not sure yet about the class reunion...I'd love to come but not sure if me and Matt can swing it since we'll be going out to Oregon a few weeks before that. I'll let you know, though! :)


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