June 28, 2011

Kinder Surprise Eggs

I have had a love affair with many different European chocolates, but by far, one of my favorites is the Kinder Surprise Egg.

This is a hollow, milk chocolate egg {very delicious chocolate, I might add} with a plastic yellow "yolk" in the center. The "yolk" contains a toy, often requiring assembly.

Unfortunately, Kinder Eggs have been banned in the US since 1997 because of a law stating no food item can be sold which contains a non-edible object. Even Canada sells them, but they will be seized if you try to bring them into the US.

I first encountered Kinder Eggs when the Steiner family brought them to the US prior to their banishment. Since then, I have maintained a collection of all the Kinder toys I have acquired over the years. Since I have traveled quite a bit to Europe, I now have a decent stock! I just adore Kinder Eggs and the amazing, and sometimes complex, little toys that come out of the tiny "yolk."

Of course, having lived in Hungary for eight months, I treated myself to quite a few Kinder eggs. I also introduced them to Matt when he came to visit! After consuming the eggs in Hungary, I brought back my newer Kinder Egg toys to add to my collection.

Below, I'd like to share some of my newer additions, as well as some of my favorites overall.

A new one--a mini puzzle!



Another new one...

A sailboat that actually floats in the water! {I checked}

This new one is so cool...first, the skier bends down to touch the skis. Then
you insert him {folded down} into the left side of the lodge. As you insert
him, an inner piece of the lodge slides out to the right. Push this inner piece
back into the lodge with force, and it catapults the skier out at a great
speed and distance!

One of my favorites! Push the Eskimo along and the dogs move
back and forth.

Push down on the top of the magician and the woman raises up.

Just plain cute.

A very European-looking car.

Jumbo jet!

The ever-classic witch.



Renee Moss said...

Can't believe you've kept all the toys for so many years. Then again, I guess I can...! You should add one more picture and include something to show how tiny these are. Like put a quarter next to one of the toys. I can remember trying to dust around the ones Erin had in her window sill. I would knock some off everytime! Mom

Osbaldo Moore said...

My son loves kinder eggs because of the toys inside.

Audrey Mackay said...

My son is one of the most addicted to surprise eggs videos.


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