December 28, 2011

Christmas Loot

We've had such a fantastic time celebrating Christmas this year. There has been a lot of oohing and aahing, smiles, laughter, and fanatical shrieks {as we play "Dirty Santa" every year with the Perry family}. Things get super fun and crazy, especially thanks to the three Perry "boys"!

We all know that presents aren't what Christmas is really all about, but they sure are a fun part of the traditions!

Here's some of the gifts I received this year:

I also received a very nice chunk of $$ on top of all this!

My Harry Potter cookbook is filled with delicious recipes--many of them are mentioned in the books. There's also a lot of other traditional English recipes, which I'm so pleased with. After spending several months living with a family in England and becoming accustomed to some of the most delicious English recipes, I'm so happy to have a cookbook filled to the brim with them!

My "Adventure"-themed book of scrapbook paper contains the most gorgeous paper! I can't wait to use them.

We'll get to extend our Christmas celebrations this year--next week, we're going to my parents' home on New Year's Day to do the Moss Family Christmas gathering. We can't wait!

We'll spend several lovely days together, and I'll probably spend most of the time cuddling this little guy:

{I think it was my dad who added the caption}

Hope you all had splendid Christmases, too!

What are some things you got for Christmas?

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