December 6, 2011

Santa Came Early!

We have had some ultra-special gifts come our way these past couple of weeks, courtesy of the international travels of friends and family!

Firstly, we received these totally amazing wooden salad spoons from our dear friend, Megan, on her recent travels to South Africa:

 Megan spent six weeks in Cape Town, South Africa. The spoon handles have beautiful tips made out of bone. In Megan's words, "It's not elephant tusks or anything. It's totally legal!"

Megan sent me a link to where she purchased these lovelies, at the Cape Town Greenmarket Square. Oh, how I would love to visit South Africa one day!

We will treasure these beautiful, unique spoons always. Thank you, Megan!

Secondly, my Dad brought this back for me from his recent business trip to Paris:

This mug was a thank you gift for helping my Dad plan for sightseeing and other Paris extras on his down-time. He took great care of my Paris map, which was lent to him on the condition that he MUST enjoy at least one Nutella crêpe for me. I was so delighted to learn that he enjoyed three during his week-long stay!

My dad was so clever to get me a "France" mug rather than just a "Paris" one. Little did he know that what is pictured on this mug is the enchanting Mont Saint Michel in northern France--dear to my heart as I have had the great fortune of visiting this rocky island on two separate {unforgettable} occasions.

Now I am filled with pleasure as I enjoy hot treats in this mug which reminds me both of my beloved France and also of just how much my Dad loves me.

Coffee bliss!

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