January 5, 2012

Family Love

Hello, blogging world. I'm back from a little hiatus, after spending several lovely days with my family in Ohio and recovering from a little flu bug. Not the worst bug I've had by any means, but I seem to be having a little trouble kicking it.

Anyway, I need to share some photos of our delightful Moss family Christmas at my parents' home! Sadly, my brother, Brandon, and his family weren't able to be there, as they live all the way out in Oregon. So it was just my parents, Matt, me, Dan, Erin, and BABY WILL!

My parents have such a beautiful home, and my Mom had things still decorated for Christmas since it was when we were finally all able to be together to do Christmasy things.

I love my Mom's skinny, elegant tree:

Just look at all those gifts!
So cozy and dreamy... 

Oh, yes. The dogs were there too, of course. {Annabelle and Scarlet}

Baby Will has gotten so big. In fact, today is his 5 month birthday! {Happy 5 Month Birthday, Will!} And he really loves "Uncle Matt" and "Aunt Deanne"!

Will and I got caught taking a little snooze together...

Another happy surprise--SNOW!

It wasn't a lot, but enough to cover things and make them sparkly and pretty.

Not only do I have the BEST parents in the world, I also have possibly the cutest parents in the world. They had both agreed to not get gifts for one another this year, but then secretly went behind each others' backs anyway.

My Dad bought this beautiful Yamaha for my Mom, and Mom got Dad a Keurig {coffee maker} for his office at the church. {My Mom's a gifted pianist and they have no piano anymore since they passed theirs along to me!}

My Mom is also an out-of-this-world cook, one I hope to be able to live up to someday. She cooked and baked, then baked and cooked some more; we ate such delicious foods prepared with so much love!

Like these Monte Cristo sandwiches for breakfast...

...and brisket and mashed potatoes! Oh, let me tell you, the food was abounding and every single morsel was utter heaven.

And to end with, I have been even more spoiled with lovely, thoughtful gifts!

This was on my Christmas wish-list:

A beautiful French press coffee maker! I really should have asked for one of these years ago.

Also--the absolute perfect gift from my parents {and very fitting since we visited Ireland together, just the three of us, several years ago}:

This stunning cup and saucer bear Celtic designs and the cup itself is adorned with the famous Claddagh symbol, made famous by the Irish Claddagh ring. The Claddagh design symbolizes love {the heart}, friendship {the hands}, and loyalty {the crown}. Mom and Dad, I love how well you know me, and I will truly cherish this gift always! {and think of you when sipping my tea!}

I also asked for this {substantial} Martha Stewart book:

I adore this book, but reading through it has made me realize how much I have to learn in the kitchen!

So, you can see what a lucky girl I am, in every way possible. I can think of nothing as splendid as spending quality time with family, so there truly couldn't have been a more wonderful way to have "kicked-off" 2012!

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Penny Dorsey said...

Loved reading this! Wish I could have shared the time with you....

Aunt Penny


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