May 20, 2012

Tea Time, Gramma, and Will

These three words adequately describe the wonderful, memorable Mother's Day weekend I recently spent with my family in Ohio.

Sadly, Matt was unable to get time off of work {the downside to his having a job where only so many people in the office can be "out" at any given time}, so I made the trek down to my parents' home with Annabelle in tow.

My Grandma Dorsey, or "Gramma" as we spell it, was out visiting from Portland, Oregon. Since I don't see her often, I of course HAD to make quality time with her a priority. And then there was the fact that I hadn't seen my sister, brother-in-law, or nephew Will since Christmas. That fact alone was horrendous to me, since Will has just turned nine months old and has changed so much since we last saw him!

On Saturday, my Mom, Gramma, and I visited a "Tea Cottage." I found every single detail to be utterly delightful! We all loved it and made such a great memory together.

Ivy trails on the steps--oh yes, please!

There was even clotted cream for our lemon and rosemary scones. Oh, how clotted cream makes me miss England and the many tea rooms I visited there, sipping on my Dorset cream teas...

Every bite was even more delicious than it looks!

We opted for a photo with some of the many hats the tea room offers to it's guests. We didn't wear them during our "high tea"--I think we'd have felt a little silly.

And then there was time with my sister, brother-in-law, and darling nephew Will. Gramma just couldn't get enough of her Great-Grandson!

Will has grown so big! Look at what a little man he is now--feeding himself in his adorable overalls!

And I mentioned before that I made breakfast for Mom and Gramma on Mother's Day. It was just a simple little breakfast before church:

{There was bacon, too!}

And then, just because my Mom loves me so much {and in light of my recent posting of an Irish Soda Bread recipe}, she presented me with this beautiful Irish Soda Bread plate. The plate actually matches the Claddagh tea cup and saucer my parents gave me for Christmas. What a wonderful surprise!

It has been so long since my sister, my mom, and I have all been together on Mother's Day, and to have my Gramma Dorsey there as well made this one of the best Mother's Days I can remember. If only Grandma Moss could have been there, too...


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