August 6, 2012


Today my family suffered an immeasurable loss. My dear Grandpa, Samuel Moss, passed away. There are no words to describe my sadness, yet I also am rejoicing with the rest of the family, for we know today Grandpa was welcomed home by his beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have thousands of wonderful memories with my Grandpa to sustain me until the day when I can join him in heaven. Though Grandpa may have been a little rough around the edges, I am filled with such happiness as I remember way back into my childhood and all his giant bear hugs, snuggles, and playfulness.

As I got older, Grandpa was always full of riddles, politically incorrect jokes, and stories of the "old days." I'll always remember how each time I hugged him hello and asked, "How are you, Grandpa?" he'd reply with a grin, "Better than I deserve."

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding--four generations. Grandpa is holding his first great-grandson and his namesake, Sam.

The funeral will be Thursday this week. Thank you to all of you who have already reached out with your prayers and kind words. Our family appreciates them more than you know.

I am horrible at goodbyes, so I'm eternally grateful to find peace in knowing that with my Grandpa Moss, it's only goodbye for now. I will be dreaming of the day when I meet my Grandpa once again in heaven, where he'll scoop me up into the greatest, most loving bear hug as we are reunited forevermore.


Penny Dorsey said...


What a sweet expression of love to your Grampa Moss. He would have grinned from ear to ear to read those words!

May the gentle love of Jesus cover you as the waves of grief wash over you in the days to come. I hope you sense His presence in ways that you've never experienced.

I love you sweet girl,

Aunt Penny

Shannon New Spangler said...

Thanks for sharing this.


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