August 12, 2012

The Pregnancy Details

My last post announcing our Big News was quite short and general, and you may be wondering some things, so I thought I'd answer the general questions that we've gotten thus far.

1. How far along are you?  13 weeks and 2 days, to be precise.

2. When is the due date?  February 15th, 2013 {but we all know babies don't usually stick to those}.

3. How are you feeling?  Better these past few weeks. I've been one of those very lucky ones who hasn't been throwing up with morning sickness. However, that is NOT at all to say I haven't been feeling sick. Since about week 5, I've been extremely nauseated twenty-four/seven. That has really only let up a bit in the past two weeks or so. And though I am eternally grateful to not have actually thrown up {no one hates it more than me!}, it's almost just as miserable to feel like I'm on the verge of needing to for weeks on end. Food has begun to actually sound appetizing to me lately, though my appetite has far from fully returned.

4. Are you showing yet?  Maybe just a teensy bit. My pants are definitely quite snug now, but when I examine my stomach in the mirror, I feel pretty sure that anything sticking out is just my being very bloated. {oh the joys of pregnancy!} So no bump picture for you quite yet....maybe next week!

5. Are you planning on finding out the gender?  Absolutely! Matt and I have both always felt strongly that we wanted to know the gender up front. There may be a possibility for a "gender reveal" party, as well. But of course we would be thrilled with either a boy or girl!

6. Do you have names picked out yet?  No. We have a nice list going for each gender, but nothing has been decided yet. Once we do make our final choice, we plan to keep the name a secret until he or she enters the world.

7. Any cravings?  At this point, it's still just food aversions. For example: coffee. This is crazy for me since I'm such a huge coffee lover! {Apparently my mom also couldn't stand coffee during her pregnancies}. I also haven't been eating too many sweets because they just don't sound good at this point. {I swear...offer me a piece of chocolate and I'll turn it down!} What does sound good at this point are salty things.

*I include this next question because although many people don't ask it, they still wonder.*
8. Did you get pregnant on purpose/was this planned?  Yes! {I wonder this with others sometimes but never ask it. It's one of those "none of your business questions." As my cousin recently put it, getting asked this question is basically the equivalent of getting asked, " or pleasure?" Haha! Right?} In all seriousness, though, Matt and I are so eternally grateful that God has blessed us with this little one on the way.

9. Any other pregnancy symptoms?  Well, there's the extreme exhaustion. And the going to the bathroom much more frequently. And the aforementioned bloating. My second least favorite {after the intense nausea}? I am breaking out everywhere like a hormonal teenager. My face is a wreck and I'm having a hard time covering it up with makeup. I'm also breaking out like crazy on my shoulders and back.

10. What have you done as far as doctor's appointments go?  We had our first ultrasound at 10 weeks 4 days, and just last week we heard our little one's heartbeat for this first time! Everything looks great so far--Praise the Lord!

I sure am happy to be transitioning into my second trimester now. All the other ladies tell me it's the best part of the pregnancy!

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be sure to respond!


Rebecca Maier said...

1. This might be a none of your business question but I'll ask anyway, did it take a while to get pregnant or did Matt just look at you and you got pregnant?

2. Can I come to your shower? I love baby showers!

Deanne Perry said...

Hey Becky!
1.Basically Matt just looked at me. LOL! We were kind of blown away how quickly we got pregnant, but we are thankful! And now we know to be careful! hehe
2. Absolutely! Although, I'm not sure I'll be having a baby shower in Stevensville/St. Joe because my parents no longer live there. If for some reason I do, you are most definitely invited! :)

Amanda Bean said...

Oh Deanne I was the same way with the sickness but it didnt really go away until week 22 and I was on Zofran it helped so much. I also am a coffee lover and hated it until about week 22 and even then drank it a lot less than before. I craved a lot of fruit and salty things:) Love following the progress! Enjoy it!

Deanne Perry said...

Amanda--oh yikes, I can't imagine being sick until 22 weeks! Ironically, my mom was still throwing up at six months when she was pregnant with me (and had two toddlers at the time)! The only time I want coffee is in a sugary frappe-type drink, and that isn't too often. I just love your little Ruby...she is such a doll baby!


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