May 8, 2013

Delightful Things

Life's most recent delights:

~Cups of coffee, with cream and sugar. I found coffee repellent during pregnancy, but now I am loving it again, possibly more than before?

~Re-reading journals I've kept at various points in my life. It's so lovely to remember things that otherwise would have been forgotten, especially when it comes to travel adventures.

~Lots of Spring showers mean I get to use my colorful umbrella:

Recognize the painting? It's Coquelicots {or Poppy Fields} by Monet.
Monet is my favorite.

~Makenna's freedom {and thus mine} after her post-RSV quarantine!

~The sweet anticipation of summer adventures as we make plans with family and friends.

~Because we purchased our home in winter, we are just now discovering the beauty in our very own yard:

~Dressing up Makenna to attend her very first church service this past Sunday:

~I went to Starbucks yesterday after not going there in several months. By happy chance, I arrived perfectly on time for "Happy Hour" in which all Frappucino's were half off!

~Rewatching a favorite film of mine, one which I hadn't seen in years: La Vita E Bella {Life is Beautiful}. I highly recommend this charming and touching film to everyone!

~New adventures in the kitchen, making baguettes from scratch:

Appearance: OK, for a first try.   Taste: delicious!!

~Spring Cleaning {and organizing}. C'mon...I know I'm not the only one out there who enjoys it!

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