June 3, 2013

Going Home

I am such a lucky girl. Up until just under a year ago, all four of my grandparents were living. Then, last August, I lost my Grandpa Moss.

And now I have lost my other Grandpa. Life isn't fair and often brings new grief into our hearts before we have had time to heal from old grief.

In my Grampa, I am losing such a dear friend. I think it is more commonly assumed that children bring joy into the lives of adults, but I can tell you that such a special man as my Grampa brought incredible fun and joy into my life.

I don't think any single person on this earth could know my Grampa, Cecil Dorsey, and not love him. He is quite likely one of the most lovable people I'll ever know. He always had a twinkle in his eye, a giggle {yes, a giggle!} to share, and a heart as pure as gold.

My Grampa was the definition of so many things: a loving, devoted husband and father, a hardworking business man, a hunter, a craftsman, a family man through and through, but most of all, a fierce and passionate follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He worked hard, played hard, and loved deeply.

My Grampa invested into each one of his grandchildren and loved us immensely. He has filled our lives with so many happy memories and impacted us all in different ways. He has imparted pieces of himself into all of us and so we will always carry him in our hearts.

At the Oregon Coast, March 2009

I only wish words could convey how privileged I feel to have the honor of being a granddaughter to my Grampa. The most tender spot in my heart is reserved only for him, and his legacy will live on through all of us who love him so.

Today, as I stood in church, I looked up at the cross and imagined that moment when my sweet Grampa will enter his eternal home. I couldn't keep tears from streaming down my cheeks as I imagined him finally meeting our Heavenly Father. I can so clearly envision the moment when Jesus lovingly looks into my Grampa's face and says, "Well done, my good and faithful servant," and then enfolds my Grampa in His most loving embrace.

My heart is utterly broken for my family's loss of this great man. Life won't be the same without him and he will be missed every day. 

Though I can't contain the sadness in my heart in having to say goodbye to my Grampa, my heart is also filled with the utmost joy to know my Grampa is finally home where he belongs, happy and free in ways we can never imagine. And my heart is at peace because I know this isn't really goodbye --I will be reunited with my Grampa one day in the best moment of love and happiness.

So for now, I say goodbye to you, my dear, sweet Grampa. How I love you, how we all do.

My Grampa adored the Oregon coast. Here is the last time he ever walked the beach, arm in arm with his "Baby Girl", my mom.


Rebecca Maier said...

What a sweet post Deanne! I'm so sorry for your loss, but rejoicing with you that he is with Jesus!

Greg and Chris said...

What a special tribute to your grandpa, Deanne. I LOVE the picture on the beach with him and your mom. Absolutely beautiful...
I never met him, but felt like I knew him. Your mom is especially close to my heart today.
Love, Chris Shaw


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